Once again, record snowfall is forecast for our area. The plows are scheduled for 10:00 a.m. tomorrow when the snowfall is expected to end. Because of the sheer volume of snow, we’re only aiming for down the middle and where it’s clear. It will not be possible to clear the streets completely. We are not asking people to try to move their vehicles during the plowing to clear both sides.  Our goal is to provide a basic ability to navigate our streets safely and provide access for emergency vehicles. This will likely be long before the city plows can reach our side streets.    Plowing is a hefty expense and is only one of the services and events funded by the Association. The last plowing event cost over $10,000, and at mid-February, this may not be the last snow of the season.  Even though the whole neighborhood benefits, it is funded by only about 30-40% of the neighborhood who joins the association.

Consider helping your elderly neighbors.  If you have a fire hydrant in front of your property, please make sure it is cleared of snow so emergency personnel can see and access it. For information on city plows, visit Chicago Plow Tracker or call the Ward office.