Board of Directors:  June 2023- June 2024

Jim Murphy, President

Christine Strom, 1st Vice-President

Phil Barone, 2nd Vice-President

Abby Carlson, Treasurer

Myrna Coronado-Brookover, Corresponding Secretary

Jean Papagianis, Recording Secretary

John Brady, Director

Peggy Cunniff, Director

Maureen DeRose, Director

Mark Desecki, Director

H. Maria Enright, Director

Kathy Folena, Director

Kristin Schleiter-Hitchell, Director

Steve Kehoe, Director

Veronica Kriesemint, Director

Kathy Manrriquez, Director

Brian McGinnis, Director

Patrick Quinn, Director

Moira Simeti, Director

Kitty Vorisek, Director

Michelle Whatley, Director

David Zulkey, Director


Pictured above is 2019-20 SCA Board of Directors

2023-2024 Advisory Council & Honorary Directors

The Advisory Council is a standing committee of local residents who provide guidance or otherwise facilitate our activities. They have no active role on the board.

Samantha Nugent
Monsignor John E. Pollard
Kelly Leggett
Moira Pollard
Richard Zulkey
Phil Kritzman

Honorary Directors are former Board members and others who have distinguished themselves in their duty and assistance to the Sauganash community.

Robert Fitzgerald
James Murphy
Robert Perkaus Jr.
James Welter

Past Presidents


1924-1925 Raymond E. Congdon
1925-1926 Henry F. Bruning
1926-1927 Frank B. Alt
1927-1928 Henry C. Kohl
1928-1929 Charles T. Headenburg
1929-1930 Frederick Inglis
1930-1931 Dr. Hector G. LaReau
1931-1933 Carl G. Pretzel
1934-1935 Barry H. McCormick
1935-1937 William Fitzgerald
1937-1939 Oliver N. Wilton
1939-1941 Harry R. McNamara
1941-1942 Charles E. Mitchell
1942-1943 George G. Ward
1943-1944 Raymond Jacob
1944-1945 James V. Kenny
1945-1946 Carl Komhel
1946-1947 Thomas Manion
1947-1948 Franklin Matling III
1948-1949 Bennett Nelson
1949-1950 Michael Chiletti
1950-1951 Scott Tiedman
1951-1953 Leonard T. McCue
1953-1954 George L. Tucker
1954-1956 William Gibbons
1956-1958 Charles Strong
1958-1960 Ernest N. Robinson
1960-1962 John L. Sheehy
1962-1964 Jack M. McNerney
1964-1965 Stephen Malato
1965-1968 Anthony F. Kapov
1968-1971 William J. Kleinblossom
1971-1973 Bernard F. Amato
1973-1974 Robert J. Smith
1974-1975 Thomas Kuhn
1975-1976 Donald Klein
1976-1977 Robert P. Perkaus II
1977-1978 Joseph D. Shelly
1978-1979 Richard Kane
1979-1980 Robert E. Fitzgerald, Jr.
1980-1981 Susan Bertsche
1981-1982 Patrick Brannen
1982-1983 Dennis Gallivan
1983-1984 Conrad Saltenberger
1984-1986 Anthony Montemurro
1986-1987 James R. Voss
1987-1989 Betty DeCarlo
1989-1990 Tom Bertsche
1990-1991 Jim Welter
1991-1992 Tom O’Connor
1992-1995 Robert Perkaus III
1995-1997 Tom Kloempken
1997-1999 Moira Pollard
1999-2001 John Maunsell
2001-2003 Kenneth Cunniff
2003-2004 Pat Loftus
2004-2005 Joan Biebel
2005-2007 Dennis Hammer
2007-2009 Jennifer Costales
2009-2011 Sue Williamson
2011-2013 Renee Bennett
2013-2015 Kelly Leggett
2015-2018 David Seglin
2018-2019 David Zulkey
2019-2021 Michelle Whatley
2022-2023 John Mariscalco


Board of Directors are nominated to one-year terms that begin June 1. We are accepting applications until March 31. If you are interested in joining the board, please download and complete the application and send it in.